Glass Working And Glass Working Designs (2019)

Written by Sahil Husain
Glass Working | And Glass Working Designs (2019)

Glass Working | And Glass Working Designs (2019)

Glass Working And Glass Working Designs (2019)

Learn about glass designs and their work,

My dear friends, today we will know what kind of Glass design should be made on glass, what type of glass design will look good in your home.

  1. glass Design Texture Etching 
  2. Glass Design White Etching 
  3. Glass Design Color Etching

glass Design Taccher Etching

1. So, friends, I will first tell you about the glass design podium, so before knowing what the pots are, the texture is an acid work. So glass puddle is an acid work, you will know very well what acid works. If acid is put on anything, it burns like this. With some glass, acid is poured on top of the glass and it is lit so that it is opaque which if we see it then If it appears blurred then we are also called acid work and pheasant on Glass Design

Glass Design White Etching

2. Now we will know what happens about the glass design, friends, we need sand to make the glass white so that we can white the glass But how will we whitewash the glass Design with the sand, first of all, we will need a compressor so that we make air By making We have this machine on glass In the air, the air dies from that machine then glass white it happens 

Glass Design Color Etching

3. Now know how the color Glass design is, how do you do it? First of all, we have to frost our glass so that the color suits well on it. Now we will mix color do and color the glass according to the design and that’s it, 

Glass Working | And Glass Working Designs (2019)

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